Cinema APK Chromecast – Install Cinema HD on Chromecast (Guide)

Latest Movies & TV Shows on Big Screen – Cinema APK on Chromecast: Cinema APK is a popular third-party streaming application that allows you to watch latest movies/TV shows on your Android device. The popular questions regarding Cinema APK revolving around the internet are “Does Cinema HD work with Chromecast”, “How do I cast HD movies to Chromecast”, and more.

Cinema APK Chromecast
Cinema APK Chromecast

In this post, we are going to share with you the steps for streaming HD movies/TV shows from Cinema APK on Chromecast. However, before that let us have a deeper look on what Cinema HD has to give us.You can check out this tutorial to “Install Cinema APK on FireStick & Fire TV Guide“.

Is It illegal to use Cinema APK?

It is illegal to watch pirated content. However, Cinema HD APK doesn’t host any of the pirated content. It simply fetches you the links from various sources. Still, it is highly recommended to subscribe to a good VPN service prior to commencing streaming on Cinema HD.

Is Cinema HD Free?

Yes! The entire content available on Cinema APK is free to consume. There are no hidden charges involved in the usage of Cinema HD.

Are There any Disadvantages of Cinema HD ?

The only significant disadvantage of Cinema APK is that the application contain ads. However, please note that these ads are, in no way, disruptive to your streaming experience.

Going forward, following are the steps to stream content from Cinema APK to Chromecast.

Cinema APK Chromecast – Steps to Install Cinema HD APK

  • As a first step, you must have Cinema HD application up and running on your Android device. Please click here “   LATEST CINEMA HD APK” to download and install the latest Cinema APK on your Android device.
  • Please note that Cinema APK doesn’t directly support casting to Chromecast. Hence, if you wish to stream content from Cinema HD to Chromecast, you require utilizing the services of LocalCast app. You can download and install LocalCast for free from Google Play Store.
    Cinema APK with LocalCast
    Cinema APK with LocalCast
  • Post successful installation of LocalCast, please launch the application. You will see a casting icon in the bottom right corner. Tap on the casting icon and from the list of devices, select your Chromecast.
    Chromecast AllConnect/Local Cast - Cinema HD
    Chromecast AllConnect/Local Cast – Cinema HD
  • Next, please launch Cinema APK on your Android device. Select a movie that you wish to stream via Chromecast and play the same with LocalCast. Thereafter, select your Chromecast. This will stream the content to the big screen of your television via Chromecast through the LocalCast application.
    Cinema APK Movies and TV Shows on Chromecast
    Cinema APK Movies and TV Shows on Chromecast

What are the Advantages of using Cinema HD?

The coolest part of using Cinema HD is the unique ‘Place a Request’ feature. Using this feature, you can request the developers to add a particular title, if the same is not already available on Cinema HD.

Important Cinema HD App Guides:

Final Words – Cinema APK on Chromecast

That’s it! These are the steps through which you can stream content available on Cinema APK on Chromecast and watch the same on the big screen of your television.

If you face any issues while following the steps or have any questions to ask, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. The required assistance will be provided on a priority basis.

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