Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working [Solved]

What’s the Deal with Real Debrid and Cinema HD? : Cinema HD recently released an update to v2.3.0 and v2.3.1 that, as per its changelog, updates the process of how it grabs the Real Debrid links. Within two days of this update, Cinema HD users are unable to use Real Debrid with Cinema HD App.

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What’s the Cinema HD & Real Debrid Issue?

Let’s dig into details of this unexpected error of our favorite app and let’s discuss the steps to fix it right away.

According to Real-Debrid, a recently updated application (they are refraining from taking the name directly) was generating every single link It founds leading to doubling of the overall traffic. Terming the issue as “DDoS” attacks; Real-Debrid had to put limitations to block the same.Cinema APK Real Debrid Crashing in Update

There are applications, Including Cinema HD, that have the ‘Auto-Resolve’ feature. This feature is turned ON by default and resolves all the premium links when they play. With the latest update to Cinema HD, it’s auto-resolving every single link it finds thereby straining the Real-Debrid servers – making it go D-Dosed.

What’s the Solution?

However, you needn’t worry, as in this post, we are going to put forward a pretty simple solution to resolve the Real Debrid and Cinema HD issue. All you require doing is heading off to the Real-Debrid Settings of Cinema HD and check mark the option of Turn Off Resolve Premium Links.Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Issue Fixed

Check-marking this option will turn off the Auto-Resolve feature that’s causing Real-Debrid to get flooded with requests stressing their servers. After this, you will be able to utilize Real-Debrid on the latest versions of Cinema HD efficiently and normally like before.


So, we are back with an update which fixed the Cinema HD & Real Debrid Need Resolve, Buffering and Not fetching the links errors. You can download below latest Version and it fixed in this update.

   Download Cinema HD v2.3.2 APK

Cinema HD Real Debrid Not Working Fixed

If anyone left with any of other issues, do let us know. Right at the moment, We fixed this high priority Real Debrid Buffering Issue. And, check below screenshot if you are seeing any grey screen after installing this update, just put this one to keep the service alive in the background.

Real Debrid Links Alive & Working

If you’re still having latency issues or sluggish link scrapping, don’t forget to clear the cache on your device and the addon/APK. Also, access your RD account online and clear the torrent download queue. Try to log out and login again, that restart everything and all services comes to normal functioning.Cinema HD App Real Debrid Working Again

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Unable to Turn Off Auto Resolve in Cinema HD

As per the latest reports coming in, in the prior versions of Cinema HD, users were allowed to turn off the “Auto-Resolve” feature. Now, with the latest update to v 2.3.0 and v 2.3.1; it appears that for a significant number of users the option to Turn Off Resolve Premium Links is greyed out thereby making them unable to check mark the same. Moreover, Cinema HD doesn’t allow downgrading to the previous versions and without proceeding with the update, you won’t be able to access the application as well.

If you are one of such users, please see whether you have logged in to your Real-Debrid account via Cinema HD or not. If not, then first please login to your Real-Debrid account and then check whether the Auto-Resolve option is still greyed out.

On side note: If your issue hasn’t resolved yet, you can try using older version of Cinema HD App, which are working absolutely great without any issues. You can find Earlier Versions here:

   Download Cinema HD APK [Earlier Versions]

If you happen to be a FireStick user, do check out this: Install Cinema HD APK on FireStick & Fire TV Cube in 1 Minute.

Final Words – Resolve Real-Debrid and Cinema HD Issue

As a further update, a large chunk of users is reporting that the mentioned solution isn’t working as for them the option, even after logging-in to their Real-Debrid account, is not visible or not active. We regret to inform you that, if that’s the case for you, you won’t be able to use Real-Debrid on Cinema HD APK.

However, there’s no need to worry as developers from both sides are working on the issue. With the subsequent update, Cinema HD App is going to fix the issue making the ‘Auto-Resolve’ option active or visible. Stay tuned with us for further updates onto the matter. We will update our post as soon as a working fix arrives. By any chance, if you are looking for Cinema HD Alternatives, do check out: Cinema HD APK Alternatives [Similar Apps like Cinema HD]. I don’t know about you, but I am goddamn sticking to my app – CINEMA HD APP ♥

Thank You.

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  1. still not working for me. i get no real debrid links as of 12/26/2020. Tried using the version that says it’s fixed and I also checked box like it said to do

    1. Hey, It’s working now, buddy. Please check once again, let us know if you still face any issues. Thank You 🙂

    1. It’s all fixed, and all working, mate. You can try above fixes to make it everything right 🙂

      Thank You.

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