Cinema APK | Download Cinema HD APK on Android, iOS, FireStick & PC

Movies & TV Shows are a great and a quick way to relax and enjoy. But, every time, it is not possible to go to a multiplex to watch the latest movies and most of the times, due to our hectic schedules, we miss our favorite TV Show. The solution to this issue is video-on-demand applications. However, there is a plenitude of video-on-demand applications out there. Which one to choose? In this post, we are going to introduce the upgraded version of HD Cinema APK, re-titled as Cinema APK. The predecessor has to quit the competition as it went through a whole lot of buffering and other associated issues. This time, Cinema APK comes from the same developers and as of now none of the Cinema APK users have faced any issue which they faced with its predecessor.

Cinema APK APP
Download Cinema HD APK on Android, iOS, FireStick & PC

Now, there is good news. You can install Cinema APK on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV and even on Windows PC/MAC Computer. The multi-platform availability of Cinema APK is one of the major reasons behind its exponentially increasing popularity. Another reason is that the latest content is available much earlier on Cinema APK application as compared to relative applications. The entire credit of this goes to the content management team that is working hard behind the scenes to make sure users have a great experience using the Cinema APK application.

Cinema APK on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV & PC – Features

We won’t be justifying ourselves if we didn’t share with you the amazing features of Cinema APK. The fantastic thing is that the application is completely free to use. There are no hidden charges or in-app purchases as well. Moreover, the upgraded version utilizes high-speed servers. This means that the download speed delivered by Cinema APK is pretty amazing, unlike HD Cinema APK which failed in this scenario.

  • Developers bring this time a cool new user interface which is smooth enough to navigate. The neat arrangement of content, easy availability and a search bar on the main screen to look for content directly are the hallmarks of the new user interface.
  • Cinema HD APK supports subtitles as well. So, you can get to watch content in the languages you don’t know as you are having the support of subtitles.
  • Cinema APK is merely fifteen megabytes in size. So, you don’t need to have any sort of space woes associated with this application.
  • This application is not ad-free. Although the application does contain ads they are not at all intrusive.
  • You don’t require performing any kind of registration or sign-up in order to utilize Cinema APK. The application doesn’t require your mobile number or email to work. You just install it and it works.
  • The database of latest CINEMA APK is pretty big and, hardly, any situation comes up where you are unable to find your favorite content on the application. However, if you do happen to face any such situation the developers allow you to place a request with them and they will add the content on a priority basis.
  • Please note that you don’t require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad and neither do you require rooting your Android smartphone in order to install Cinema APK.

It is needless to say over here and you too will agree with us that the feature set of Cinema APK is pretty amazing. Moving forward, let us check out the download and installation steps of Cinema APK on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV and Windows PC/MAC Computer.

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Application Name Cinema APK | Cinema HD APK
File Type APK
File Size 14 MB
Recent Update Jan 28th, 2020

Download and Install CINEMA APK on Android Devices (STEPS)

  • You must have Android 4+ running on your Android smartphone/tablet along with fifteen megabytes of free space to install Cinema APK.
  • Cinema APK, being a 3rd party application, is not available on Google Play Store. Hence, you require downloading the APK file of the same from their official website. For this, you require navigating to Settings -> Security of your Android phone and under ‘Device Administration’ please turn on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’
  • Next, please download the Cinema APK file from here.

   Download Cinema APK

Cinema APK  Latest Version has been added to download page. Please, Have a check and download the latest version to fix the bugs in earlier versions. Cinema APK is best when it comes to regular updates and now it’s serving as best alternative movie app to Terrarium TV:).

  • Wait for the APK file to download on your Android smartphone. Once the download is complete, please navigate to the download location and tap on the APK file for the installation process to start.


  • On the first installation screen, the setup will ask you to provide confirmation for certain permissions that the application requires. Please provide the same and proceed with the installation. On the next screen tap on ‘Install’ to allow the installation process to continue.

updated cinema apk on android

  • Please be patient and let the installation process to take its course.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can locate the icon of Cinema APK on the home screen of your Android smartphone. Launch and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows right on your Android smartphone.

Download & Install Cinema APK on iPhone/iPad No Jailbreak [STEPS]

  • If you wish to download Cinema APK on your iOS device then you require taking the help of a 3rd party App Store. We recommend installing AppValley on your iOS device. AppValley provides a plenitude of hacked, modified, and 3rd party iOS applications that don’t get to see the light of the day on the official Apple App Store.
  • Please navigate here from your iOS device’s Safari Browser in order to download and install AppValley & Cinema HD:    Download Cinema APK on iOS
  • Once AppValley is present on your iOS device, please trust its profile from Settings -> General -> Device Management and launch the application.
  • You will see an interface similar to the official App Store. Just search for Cinema APK and click on the search result.
  • On the applications page tap on ‘Get’ in order to download and install the application on your iPhone/iPad. Post successful installation the icon of the application will be present on the home screen of your iOS device.

cinema apk on iOS

  • Please don’t forget to trust the profile of Cinema APK as well prior to launching the application.

Install Cinema APK on Firestick/Fire TV & Fire TV Cube [STEPS]

  • You already know that Cinema APK is a 3rd party application. Hence, before you commence the installation procedure, please navigate to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options and toggle on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.
  • Next, from the main screen of your Fire device search for ‘Downloader’ application.
  • The Downloader application will come up as the first search result. Tap on the ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Firestick/Fire TV. If you are not able to identify the application then please note that it has an orange colored icon with a download arrow in the middle.

  • Post successful installation of Downloader application, please launch the same and from the menu on the left, please navigate to Settings and turn on JavaScript.
  • Next, in the ‘Browser’ tab from the menu on the left, you will find an address bar. Please enter the following URL:(
  • Tap on ‘Go’ and wait for the webpage to load up. Once the webpage loads, scroll down and you can locate a button ‘Download Cinema APK File.’
  • Tap the button and the APK file will start downloading on your Firestick/Fire TV or Fire Cube. Once the download is complete your Fire device will automatically ask you whether you want to install the Cinema APK application on your Firestick/Fire TV or Fire Cube. Please give your go-ahead for that.

  • Be patient as the installation process might take time. Once the installation process is complete please press on ‘Done.’
  • Now, your Firestick or Fire TV or Fire TV Cube will ask you to delete the APK. Please do the same in order to conserve space on your Fire TV, Firestick, or Fire TV Cube device.

  • You can locate the application under ‘Your Channels and Applications’ section of your Fire device.

Cinema APK on PC (Windows 10/7/8/8.1 & MAC) Laptop

  • You will need an Android Emulator for the purpose. Nox App Player is pretty great for this. You can download the offline setup of Nox App Player from here.
  • Please wait for the offline setup to download. When the offline setup downloads successfully, tap on the same to commence the installation process of Nox App Player. If your PC asks you whether you want the executable file to make changes in your computer, please press ‘Yes.’
  • Just follow the simple on-screen installation instructions and on the last screen hit ‘Install’ to allow the setup to install Nox App Player on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • Wait for the installation process to get over. Once the same is successfully over, press on ‘Finish’ to exit the installation window.
  • Next, please download the Cinema APK from here.

   Download Cinema APK for PC

  • Once the APK downloads move to the download location and right click on the APK file. From the pop-up menu that comes up, please select the option Open With -> Nox App Player.
Cinema APK on PC
Cinema APK on PC with Nox App Player
  • The emulator will automatically pick up the APK file and install the same on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.
  • The installation won’t take that much time. Afterward, you can locate the icon of Cinema APK on the home screen of Nox App Player.
  • Tap on the icon to launch the application. Enjoy your favorite movies and TV Shows on your Windows PC/MAC Computer.

Pros of Cinema APK

  • You can download your favorite movies and TV Shows on your computer’s hard drive and enjoy them offline, whenever you want, without an internet connection. HD Cinema APK, the predecessor of Cinema APK, had downloading issues. But the good thing is that all kinds of downloading issues are resolved in Cinema APK. Moreover, the high-speed servers of the application provide great downloading speed, provided you have a good internet connection.
  • Cinema APK application’s compatibility with Fire device allows you to enjoy your favorite content on the larger screen of your television.
  • The application is completely free to use.
  • There is no requirement of registration on the application. With this, the application conveys that it doesn’t require your personal information in order to run. Hence, you can be sure that your personal information is safe with you.
  • Cinema APK doesn’t support the use of torrents. It doesn’t utilize torrents to stream movies and TV Shows on your device.
  • None of the users of Cinema APK have reported any sort of buffering issues in the application. This is really cool as you can watch your favorite movie without any kind of interruption. Please note that you do require a good internet connection for the purpose.

 Cons of Cinema APK

  • To enjoy the content on the big screen of your television, you require having a Firestick or Fire TV. However, if you don’t have one the application doesn’t support Chromecast to bring content from your smartphone to your television. Though the good thing is that the developers will put the same soon in the application.
  • Movies which are still fresh in the multiplex are not available in HD Quality. You still have to wait for a considerable period of time in order to watch the movie in good quality.

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Cinema APK on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV & PC

So, these were the features and installation steps of Cinema APK on Android, iOS, Firestick/Fire TV and Windows PC/MAC Computer. If you face any issues during the installation process or have any additional questions to ask, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. We are always happy to help you.

Also, we will love to hear from you about your experience of using the new upgraded Cinema APK application. Your comments will help our readers know more about the experience of using Cinema APK.


  1. Laggy at best, used to be a great app. I used to use it all the time, now all I get is partial loading, skips every 10 sec and I never get to see if the movies are in the right language I want to view them in. This has severally gone down hill

  2. Hi there, I wanted to ask if your app has Israeli, Turkish and Spanish soap operas of all time? For example, telenovelas called Rebel Angel, class 406, wild cat, I’m ugly Betty (Spanish soap operas). The Bride from Istanbul (Turkish Drama). Our song, Telenovela baam, Michaela (Israeli soap operas)? Thank you

  3. Used Cinema APK without too many problems the first day I had it. Then I started having problems accessing movies (buffering, stopping and starting). I became a premium member of Real-Debrid so that I’d hopefully be able to access and play movies without running into these issues. Much better it seems, but now anything I’ve tried to play has no sound! Any ideas? I’m very new to this and am learning as I go. Thanks!

      1. Thanks marvin for helping out our fellow mates 🙂 We appreicate it

        Keep helping and keep sharing our app.

  4. Some selections have a red number on the program icon and the programming won’t open. What’s the reason for this?

  5. When you try to download a movie to a file some times the line is red other times grey? How does effect the download process?

  6. When a file comes up, some have down arrows others don’t? What’s the difference?

    Is there a user’s manual anywhere? Otherwise I might have a lot more dumb questions.

  7. Hi tv series seasons/recommendations are gone – but can still watch movies – have updated app – but still have same issue for tv series

    thanks again

  8. The Series “The Killing” keeps coming back as no link found. Have been watching for the past week and now it’s gone. Was just starting season 3. Is this an issue? Thanks

  9. Hi. everything worked fine for a while. one day I logged off and when i started the app it opens and then exits again immediately. I have uninstalled and installed. It then works fine. Exited the app, when I started it, it again exits immediately. what can I do? I have downloaded the latest version of the app

    1. Hey, Are you on Cinema HD v2.2.2 ??

      Please confirm this as we released the version just few days back. Everyone should use the latest version to fix some bugs in older versions.

      Thanks 🙂

  10. I use to like your app until you started adding every movie with it not having any streams. Pretty bad tubi streams better than your add. Thanks come again NOT biitch….

  11. OMG You helped me download to my fire stick TV AND that is WONDERFUL. I don’t have to mirror from my phone. Now the thing is it never asked me to delete anything so now what do I do?

  12. For months now i haven’t been able to save any favorites. I have tried just about everything to fix this issue. Anyone got any idea of why??

  13. Love the new Update… Absolutely Solid Positive changes! Hey and all you people complaining about lag… Pay for better internet service… I have a Gigabit service and I don’t have a problem. Don’t forget also, it’s not always about you either… The other end, where the movies come from has to have an excellent server and speed, All you can do is try another connection and of course, spend a little bit on your internet speed! That is part of the whole streaming idea behind Cinema!


  14. I updated the app twice within 4 days recently. It was working fine before that. But now movies wont play, when i search for something specific it doesn’t show up at all the circle continues to load. I have the most recent update. I cant watch anything, even on the ‘popular’ tab only some movies with their pictures pop up, when i try to click the movies that pictures actually pop up, the streams will load but once i go to play them they wont play. However i still love this app on my FS. I know how much work is involved in making these things happen. The people saying negative things are ungrateful and should be ashamed. i cant wait for the issue to get fixed though. Issues like these have been fixed in the past so i know it will work again, Thank you for all you/ yall do, it is much appreciated, especially during that QUARANTINE!!! Lol

    1. Thanks for kind words, mate. We are trying our best to give you all the love we have with us our app 🙂 Let’s grow together community 🙂

  15. How do you turn off the freaking cc? Tried restarting the movie. Tried restarting the app. close caption still comes in

  16. Is there possible to display movies plots in my language (greek) ? Terrarium TV used to show default language just fine.

  17. After update, no realdebrid links were showed for tv shows. For movie it working fine. How i want to solve this?

  18. Your latest update has killed the app. Was getting loads of links but now only get 1 or 2 and they’re poor. Release a new update or roll it back to how it was before

  19. what has happen to cinema – it just shows the first espiode of a tv series if you are lucky – it was a great app

  20. Hello John Carter
    I just updated to on my Android box. Cinema HD still will not give me the Real Debrid pop up with the code when I click on Login to Real-Debrid. I just get booted back to the main movie screen.
    I have tried everything your site says as far as settings go.

    Help please

    Thanks Matt

  21. I’m trying to download your latest version on the 4K fire stick I just bought but it’s not letting me it comes up as an error, it’s frustrating and I am not sure what to do please help! I bought the Firestick for the sole purpose of your app my brother has it and I loved it! Thanks! March 2021

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