Cinema APK v2.2.3 Download (LATEST CINEMA HD APK UPDATE)

Most of the users right now will be using some online streaming applications to watch their favorite movies and shows. Here in this article, we are up to shoot you an amazing application called Cinema APK or can be called Cinema HD APK. Its one of the best online Streaming applications which posses up some good quality and a huge database of movies. We will be hitting you the latest and most updated direct download links of Cinema APK here for Android, iOS, PC and Firestick /Fire TV.

Cinema APK APP
Cinema APK APP Downloads Android, FireStick, PC & Other Devices

There are a lot of alternative applications out there in the market, but Cinema HD APK is pretty cool on to work out. Like nowadays no one prefer watching shows and movies on TV, people prefer handier. So here, Cinema APK plays a major role by getting out the users what they want.

App Name Cinema APK
App latest version v2.2.3
Min android requirement 5.0 and above
Developer Cinema HD
APK Size 15.1 MB
Category of the app Entertainment (Movies & TV Shows)
Updated date july, 2020
Number of Installs 10,000,000+
Price Free
Rating High Rating

Download Cinema APK on Android, Firestick & PC

Here we are going to give you the most updated download link of Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK for Android devices. This is the most updated version and you can download it directly from the drive link we have mentioned out here.

If you want to know How To Install the same on your Android device, just follow up on the guide mentioned here.)

Cinema HD 2.2.3:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.3

Cinema HD Analytics 2.2.3:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.3

Changelog of v2.2.3 (Cinema HD TV):

Cinema HD 2.2.2:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.2

Changelog of v2.2.2 (Cinema HD TV):

Fixed Bug: Cached TMDB not working

Cinema HD 2.2.1:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.1

Changelog of v2.2.1 (Cinema HD TV):

  • Use the cached database if TMD not working.
  • Wrong Link and Subtitle for serial guide is fixed.
  • Fixed few resolvers.
  • Fixed few providers.
  • Added few Premium Providers.
  • Fixed: Bypass New Cloudfare.

Cinema HD 2.2.0:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.2.0

Changelog of v2.2.0 (Cinema HD TV)

  • Fixed a lot of providers.
  • Fixed Major bug for links and subtitles.
  • Updated ZeroTV.
  • Updated TMDB API key.

Cinema HD

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.1.9.1

Plugin Player Download | For Remote Streaming by Your Phone

   Download Plugin Player

Download:    HotFix for Fire Cube TV

Cinema HD APK v2.1.9:

   Download Cinema HD 2.1.9 APK

Changelog of v2.1.9 (Cinema HD TV)

  • No RD link on some FireStick devices got fixed in this version.
  • Update AllDebrid to v4
  • Fixed Providers: ClickMovies, HDMovies, P2PCDN, zooqle, AfdahTV, Earn4files..
  • Fixed Resolvers: JetLoad, Vidlox, VidTodo, VupTo, StreamWire, Earn4files..

Cinema HD

   Download Cinema HD v2.1.8.1 APK

Cinema HD v2(2.1.8)

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.1.8

Important guides of our favorite Cinema HD App:

Cinema APK v2.1.7:

   Download Cinema HD APK v2.1.7

Changelog of Cinema HD v2.1.7:

  • Added resolvers: ClubPlay, MCloud, DDLTO and few more.
  • Fixed Resolvers & New Providers.

Cinema HD v2.1.6:

   Download Cinema APK v2.1.6

Changelog of v2.1.6

  • Fixed providers.
  • Fixed Resolvers.
  • Added new providers & resolvers.
  • Recaptcha verification issue got fixed in this update.

Cinema HD APK v2.1.5:

Download Cinema v2.1.5 APK

  • Works fine on Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Supports on Real Debrid, AllDebrid, Premiumize external players,
  • All errors fixed with earlier versions.

Cinema APK v2.1.4:

   Download Cinema APK v2.1.4

Cinema APK v2.1.2 Update

   Download Cinema HD v2.1.2

Changelog of Cinema HD v2.1.2 APK:

  • Fixed Providers and battery drain issues.
  • Added webview to resolve the captcha issue.

Cinema v2.1.1 APK

      Download Cinema HD APK v2.1.1


If you have CHD, Install the Blokada app from Google Playstore which blocks all adverts. If you have CHD on FireStick, you don’t need any Blokada or any apps, just use this DNS to guards ( & The Android TV Box with CHD doesn’t support on Android 4.0 though.

Cinema APK v2.0.8

Download Cinema APK v2.0.8

Changelog of Cinema HD APK v2.0.8

  • Added some new providers
  • Fixe some earlier providers.
  • Subtitles issue has been fixed and now we can enable and disable it whenever we want.

Cinema HD APK v2.0.7 – Released

Download Cinema APK v2.0.7Official

Changelog of v2.0.7 Official APK:

  • Sync watched movies and tv shows with the series guide.
  • Autoplay next got Optimised.
  • A lot of sources, resolvers got fixed and added more providers.
  • Fixed Turn Off Resolve immediately premium links(RD, PM, AD) and you can Enable this function to reduce the requests count to premium services and also cleans up download history in your account.
  • UI in this latest version got Improved

Cinema APK v2.0.6 (HD Movies APK)

Download Cinema APK v2.0.6

  • Added Resume function for MX, VLC Player.
  • The play with bug has also been fixed.
  • Added Clear Cache, turn off resolve premium links options.

Cinema APK v2.0.5 (HD Movies APK)

Download Cinema APK v2.0.5

  • New Update is based on CinemaAPK V2.
  • Google/Unity Ads got Removed.
  • Banner Ads are Removed.
  • Autoplay Video Ads are Removed.
  • Floating Exit Ads are Removed.
  • Location Permission is Removed.
  • APK got resigned with Newer Signature.
  • Ads are removed.
  • Removed Banner Placeholders.
  • Disabled Force Update.
  • Disabled IP Logging.
  • No Auto Shortcut has added.
  • HD and 4K links are added.
  • Removed EXTRA Permissions from the App.
  • Member-only restrictions have been removed.

Cinema APK v2.0.3 (HD CINEMA APK)

Download Cinema APK v2.0.3 Download – Direct

  • Fixed Episode Not Load When Using AdBlocker
  • Resume Function, App Automatically Resumes With Last Selected Subtitle has been improved

Cinema APK v2.0.1 (HD CINEMA APK)

Download Cinema APK v2.0.1 Download – Direct

  • New User Interface is added.
  • The new version available option will show on the left sidebar from now onwards.
  • Fixed Some Providers and added Subtitles.

Cinema APK v1.5.2 (HD CINEMA APK):

Download Cinema APK v1.5.2 (Direct Link)

  • Links sorted by quality
  • Added providers: TYSee, best films
  • Fixed Providers: FMovies, Cinema, MoviesDBZar, PHMovies, TWODDL, Lordmovies
  • Optimized performance for low devices
  • Fixed bug: TMDB API not working on android 4.x+

Cinema HD APK v1.5.1:

Download Cinema APK v1.5.1 (Direct download)


  • Added provider MoviesDBZar
  • Fixed provider ReleaseBB
  • Fixed provider Bioskopkeren
  • Fixed provider LordMovies
  • Fixed provider Dizist
  • Fixed provider BestFlix
  • Fixed provider CloudMovies
  • Fixed provider CMovies
  • Fixed provider Wawani
  • Fixed Resolver Nofile
  • Fixed Resolver VidStreaming

Cinema HD APK v1.5:

Download Cinema APK v1.5 (LATEST Version)


  • Code improved a lot and optimized.
  • Added filter provided options.
  • Chromecast Issue had been fixed.
  • Auto Pick Subtitle on Chromecast.
  • Add multi-search called cinema optimize low profile mode, You can give it a try if you feel your device lagging or freezing.
  • Earlier bugs fixed and improved the performance.

Cinema APK v.1.4.2:

Download Cinema APK v1.4.2(LATEST)


  • Newly Added Providers working awesome (NTMovies).
  • Fixed RapidVideo.
  • Fix Providers: Afdah, PutPlocker, ReleaseBB, OneMovie, NovaMovie, FilmXy, Vidics.
  • Small Improvements in User Interface.
  • Bugs Fixed.

With this Cinema APK update v1.4.2, it got topmost attention from all over the movie lovers from all over the world. It’s working best as Terrarium TV Clone. Do let us know if you are facing any issues with this updated application.

   Download Cinema APK V 1.3.9 (LATEST)

Here is the updated download link for Cinema /Cinema HD on your iOS, iPhone / iPad. You will be able to download the mobile config file easily from this link without any much hassle

If you want to know the Installation Process of Cinema / Cinema HD on your iPhone / iPad, just follow up this link for the quick guide:

Most of us would love to try out Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK on your Windows PC/Mac. Here we are providing you with the most updated download link for the same.

If you want to know the installation process of the same, you want to check out this simple guide:


  • Dec 19th: Cinema APK V 1.3.9 Latest Version.

    • It Fixed Source: CMovies
    • Fixed Bug: Link will loop and will restart when it gets to the end.
    • AutoPlay Has been Added.
    • Built-in Player.
    • Sorting Added which helps to sort by sort by size, host, and priority.
    • Bug Fix: Randomly Crashing when it’s fetching data from trakt.
    • Auto Switching of Links if we face any issues with ongoing movies 🙂

Official Error Fixing Guides of Cinema HD:

That’s it, fellas, We Hope with this article on Download Cinema APK / Cinema HD APK on your Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV Box, Smart TV, and PC helped you out. If you got any queries or errors while doing the same, just comment down below and we will update the same as soon as possible.

Thank You.


    1. Hi,

      I ordinary use cast .
      But when i change subtitle, this option is not there.
      I must restart movie , select another subtitle , and over and over . until I find the matched subtitles

      you can add this option to cast playback??

      Thx a lot

      1. The Swedish TV show “Bordertown” Season 1 is all wrong. Every link shows it as another show by the same name which is a cartoon about Mexican Americas I think and is English language. Please fix this issue. Thank you.

  1. Hi… your app says that it supports real debrid… and there is a log in panel within the app… but none of the real debrid streams work, they all say ‘need resolve’. I have contacted them, and they say the issue is at your end not theirs…. do you have a fix? Or else please don’t say your app works with real debrid.

    1. HI. I have exactly the same issue of (needs resolve). I wrote to Alldebrid and they said it was a problem with your app. I also wrote to you asking for help on this matter and you have not replied.

      Could you please reach out to us and help us out with this question.

      Many thanks.

  2. Your latest update is nothing but crap, dead links and ads every time you leave a link, rather it works or not. Pure garbage!

    1. Hey, Sorry for the inconvenience caused, We tried our best to fix them in Cinema HD TV v2.1.8, do try this latest version and let us know if you need any more assistance from us.

      We will be happy to assist you all 🙂

      Thanks & Regards,

      1. Olá App is amazing but for me english or portuguese subtittle it ‘ s a must .Now I ‘m watching Hinterland season 3 but no english subtittle and they speak welsh?. I don’t understand nothing.

        1. Hey, Amel. We provided every single version here on our page itself. Please scroll and check it, if you are facing issues with any version and if you are looking for your favorite version, just uninstall it and download that version from this page itself.

          Thank You.

  3. Hi
    When I try to click on a 360p or 480p link it goes to an HD link which constantly buffers. How can I use the lower pixel link?

  4. Thanks to the developers for this app. It’s amazing but it needs a watched list to see all the movies and tv shows that have been watched.

    1. it has a option to select your History and it shows all the movies and shows you have previously watched, i think the app now has a save to favorites option as well.

  5. This app is super fantastic and I love it very much but I have a question can I install it on my laptop to watch movies in the computer?

      1. Hi, App is excellent with lot of collection but the download rate varies a lot making it buffer after 10 to 15 seconds. Download fails and could not complete a single. Please help with a solution.

    1. Have you tried with the latest version v2.1.8 ?? If not, do give it a try, and its working perfectly.


  6. Hey

    This is a great app far better then Netflix. However is there a ipad or samsung note book version this would be awesome?

  7. Hi, every movie or videos I play its dubbed in hindi. How do I change to English dubbing or original English. Please help thanks

      1. Whats your error, buddy ??

        All links are perfectly working and downloadable to everyone. Please check your internet connection once and let us know if the problem persists again.


  8. Version is force closing when you open it.
    Version 2.1 8 has stopped opening.
    I am using android 9.
    The version 2.1.8 worked great so did all the others. Up till now.
    I have cleared cache and data still same problem.

  9. Hi your recent April update version is crashing. And also increase the inbuilt player’s volume.

  10. A bug.

    When you search for a movie and click back, it should go back one step to the search screen you were just on.

    When you click back, it takes you all the way back to the main menu when you first load up, so the directory structure needs fixed for when you click back when you are searching for a movie.

    I tried to watch blade runner in 4k, had some issues, clicked back, and rather than step back one menu to where I selected it, it steps back to the main menu and I have to select search again and retype everything in go through the whole process.

    Thanks guys for the best cinema app out there.

  11. Hi I wanted to know are there any Israeli, Spanish and Turkish telenovelas of all time like for example telenovela baam (Israeli) and fauda?

    1. Yes, Idan.

      Please search with those keywords, and all relevant info pops up in matter of seconds.

      We are working hard to add more and more options to the app.


    1. Hey,

      Always try to use the latest version, buddy, because it always comes with improvised from it’s earlier versions. We just update all the versions here, you can use whatever you want.

      If you face any issues with any version, feel free to inform us here in comments.


  12. Hi, whenever I open this app n try starting 2download a film network speed or data speed goes down automatically n it take me around 1week2complete downloading the film any1know why is it

  13. Hi….

    I have the app on my mobile samsung, but it does not want to download on my samsung tablet I have tried everything but still it does not want to download, any advise please I really like the app…

    Kind regards

  14. This app used to work yesterday but now it won’t do nothing and when you try to watch Sanford and son it goes to something else like wth

  15. This is a very good app it has all the content of disney hotstar and many other, its a wonderful app

    1. You are welcome, Buddy 🙂

      Share with your friends, colleagues and family. Spread the love 🙂

      Thank You.

  16. Hey there CinemaHDV2, I am trying to load the TV section on your app but nothing is loading up, but on the movie section everything works fine even with real debrid. Please let me know ASAP in regards to this situation, I use this app on a daily around the house!!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hey,

      Try playing your TV Show from trending section, instead of from search or tv shows section..

      It’s working from trending section and everything smooth now.

      Please try installing v2.2.0 and all bugs are fixed as of now 🙂

  17. Guess you don’t like negative reviews, as I said before app crashes a lot, most of the links fail to work most of the time, many movies are not the movie I clicked on for an example war movie the outpost set in Iraq, click on it and you get a fantasy elves movie, like watching marvels agents of sheild, click on a particular link and you get a Norwegian animated film about a baby dragon, as stated before you can download shows to watch later, only to find out later that they have been wiped while devise is off, you have a good selection of shows and movies and when app works correctly it’s good, but very often it’s not, like for example at the moment none of the tv shows have any episodes or seasons that I can see or click on I can see the overview but that’s it nothing else, was working yesterday but today it’s not, I like the app but find it very frustrating because of all these glitches.

    1. Hey, Thanks for the detailed feedback. We appreciate it.

      I hope every glitch fixed in the latest version, please try now, and thanks for taking your time write the long feedback 🙂

    1. Check now, buddy. It got fixed and updated to latest version.

      Thanks for sticking with us in thin and thick times.

      Love You.

  18. I just downloaded version and it is only showing movie streams. When I go to watch a tv show, I click on the show but none of the seasons show up.

    Anyone else have this problem or know how I can fix it?


  19. V2.1.9.1 16 may 2020 on Nvidia shield – TV shows not functioning. I try to watch a show and no seasons come up. Movies seem to work fine

    1. Hey, please install v2.2.0 which is the latest version as of on 20-06-2020.

      Simple tweak for TV Shows: Don’t play them by visiting TV Shows section, play them by search or from home screen..This is temporary tweak, we are fixing the bug, fingers crossed. 🙂

      Thanks for unconditional support from movie lovers every corner of this world. 🙂

  20. Nothing is loading when i try to watch movies or tv shows i have used this app for a while and only now experienced bugs iv been trying to watch movies for 2 days now

  21. the past couple of days the tv shows wont come up.there are no seasons on anything.but it’s still playing the way its still a awesome app..thumbs up

    1. Hey, We received a lot same complaints since we updated it to v2.1.9.1, We fixed it anyway. Please try it now.


  22. Hello, today Cinema HD , still crash on me TV Philips. I have lastest version , on phone work, on tv dont work.

  23. Yeah if you could it would be nicer if this app Hideaway to tell people when a link is the wrong link for the movie or episode or if the link does not work at all like a comment area right next to the link if you wood do something about this this could help out this product. thank you !

  24. “sometimes server has been died because many people access at the same time, sorry for inconvenient 😣” appeared on tv screen.

  25. Tried to load tv shows and getting a blank screen on various different tv shows only just started happening, tried on a different device to see if the device was an issue also used a different broadband and still didn’t make a difference

  26. Hello John,

    Thanks 4 making this amazing app, I’ve been using it almost everyday 🙂

    I’ve got one question – is there any chance to update the app with the feature that allows You to hide from the main screen (maybye in the watched folder, or somewhere else), the movies, or tv shows, that have been watched, or doesn’t interest me?

    I know, that in the app is ‘favorite’ button, where You can add the movies or tv shows, that are interesting 4 You, but I would like to also eliminate the shows, that doesn’t interest me 😉

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    1. Hey, Always go with the latest version, at the moment, try with Cinema HD TV v2.2.1 and it’s working flawlessly.

      We will update you when the next update hits the door 🙂

      Thank You.

  27. This app is excellent and works fine for me on android phone. But i am unable to install the app on my laptop. Each time i download the app, the app icon appears like the internet explorer icon with the blue ‘e’. Please give me instructions on how to download and install on my laptop.

  28. Hi….the latest version 2.2.1 does NOT load any seasons for the tv shows….previously it was fine….but the upgrade to version 2.2.1 seems to have NO EPISODES at all for ALL the TV shows….hope u can reply via email…..But the MOVIES work fine (so far)….But the TV shows have problems AFTER the upgrade….please reply…thank you…

    1. Hey, We released the latest version v2.2.2, please try this and let us know if you face any issues. And, also try this silly trick as a temporary fix, play the tv episode from TV Shows category, not from directly from the homepage…It’s working for most of the people and we are trying hard to fix all the issues. Be with us. Love you 🙂

      Thank You.

  29. Hi…ur app is the best i hv ever used, guys ! But after installing the latest version v2.2.1 @ 15th July 2020, i was shocked that NONE of the TV shows seem to load….It was absolutely frustrating to hv watched episodes of tv shows n then hv NOTHING load at all after upgrading….hope u can help rectify the problem by emaling to me the steps…i LOVE ur app, its the BEST guys but i need ur help here for the tv shows….hope u guys can help out here….i hv tried installing, uninstalling, using a VPN….all the steps u guys hv given….butt the TV shows just dont load anymore….i love ir app and the work u guys hv done n really want to continue using ur app….but the tv shows hv stopped loading and thats a problem 🙁 Hope u guys will email me soon….thanks..John

  30. Hello ive updated my version of cinema apk to 2.2.2 but its not searching for the right subtitle i feel sorry that ive updated now how can i get back to the older version ?

  31. Been using this app for ages its always been fantastic and still is but there is an issue for me with the 2.2.2 version and that is a stupid add that keeps crashing the app all the other adds are fine but the add for an app called lucky day just crashes Cinema Hd then i have to clear out cache which sometimes works but most of the time i have to clear app data which then looses all the favourites, this bloody add is ruining this app!

  32. After doing the latest update to 2.2.2 i found that the longer worked right. It would cime up.with a list always stating with The Last Emperor and alwys presenting more than 100 titles of subs from unrelated movies and.always.the same ones no matter which movie you need subs for.
    Because I’m hard of hearing , i need them constantly.

    There was no problem with the subs to tv shows only movies. After 2 weeks it was corrected today it started again the same issues the same stupid list of titles its so frustrating.

    Has anyone had this problem or have a fix for it?

  33. Hey team , I’m big fan of your app but in the latest update V 2.2.2 wrong subtitles are fetched (always the same list pops up) please update it as soon as possible it would be a great help
    Really appreciate your efforts

  34. This latest version still has very loud ads. Supposed to be ad free????? Other than the stupid ads, I love this app. I have no problems with it.

  35. Is the app down? Ever since the last update all that happens when I try and open it is I get an error message that says ( Unfortunately, Cinema HD V2 has stopped). I Uninstalled in and redownloaded it and got the same results.

    1. Hey, Yes, we provide you that, but we accept them only via bitcoin.

      Let us know if we can go ahead 🙂

      And these ads are our bread and butter, so if you can adjust with it, we are fine 🙂

      Otherwise, you can take the membership.

      Thank You.

  36. You said no interruptions Thats misleading because There are apps every time I start a Movie and it Takes forever for The Movie to play.

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