[Fix] Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

After the shutdown of Terrarium and Morpheus, there was significant competition among other relative applications for the topmost ranks.

cinema apk errors fix
FIX Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

Out of all these applications, Cinema APK rose tremendously due to the quick availability of the latest content and great customer service. As of now, Cinema APK enjoys a massive user base. However, it doesn’t matter how great the fan following is of an application since each application has to go through a fair share of issues and errors. Same holds for Cinema APK as well. Reports from users indicate issues like Cinema APK Crashing, subtitles error, Real Debrid issues, and buffering issues.

FIX Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

In this post, we are going to provide you with working solutions to fix these errors. Without delaying any further, let us begin. Check out: Cinema APK | Download Cinema HD APK on Android Devices(HD Movies App)

Cinema HD APK Subtitles Not Working/Captions Not Working Error (FIX)

This is a common issue faced by the users of Cinema APK and you can fix the same easily by following the below steps.

  • Please launch Cinema HD APK on your Android smartphone and search for your favorite content. Wait and let the application load all the available links.
  • Click on any stream and instead of choosing the option ‘Play’, select the option of ‘Play with Subtitles.

Cinema APK Subtitles Not Working Error

  • A list of languages will come up in front of you. Select ‘English’ from the same and enjoy.
  • In case you are not getting the option of ‘Play with Subtitles’ then go to App Settings and set the default player as ‘Yes Player.’

Cinema HD APK Not Getting Installed/Not Playing (FIX)

In case you are unable to install Cinema APK then the most likely cause of the same is that you are not following the correct installation steps. Follow our guide “How To Install CINEMA APK on your Android/iOS Devices “to get to know the correct installation steps and use the same for installing Cinema APK on your smartphone.

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Cinema APK Buffering Issues (FIX)

The most likely cause behind buffering issues is your internet connection. Check the speed of your internet connection as too low a speed will, indeed, result in buffering issues in the application.

Cinema APK Buffering Issues

However, if the speed of your internet connection is fine, it means your ISP is blocking Cinema APK to access the internet. In this case, it is advisable to install VPN and stream anonymously.

Cinema HD APK Crashing (FIX)

Cinema APK might be crashing on your smartphone due to compatibility issues. If you recently updated your application, please revert back to the prior version since your smartphone hardware might not be compatible with the new updated version and refrain from updating again.

In another case, your app might be crashing due to bugs or errors which require updating to fix. Search for updates, in this case, and update to the latest version to eliminate any bugs or errors which might be causing the app to crash.

Check Out: Cinema APK for PC | Download Cinema HD APK on Windows 10/8/8.1 &  Mac Laptop.

Cinema APK Real Debrid Issues (FIX)

In the majority of the cases uninstalling and then reinstalling the application fixes any kind of Real Debrid issues that the application might be facing.

How To Fix Cinema APK Crashing, Subtitles Error, Buffering/Not Installing Errors

These were the common issues reported by the users of Cinema APK. In case you are facing any other issue not present in this guide, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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  1. All of a sudden I can’t get subtitles. It says, “in order to continue OpeSubtitles subtitles service you need to log in”
    I registered, logged in on the internet, but can find NO way to associate my login with open subtitles to the Cinema app.

      1. Hey, Graham.

        Cinema HD Updated to v2.1.8.1 at the moment, if you are on this version, let us know. If you are using any earlier version, please update to latest version as we have some bugs in older version.


        1. Why does a stream start playing and then after a short while just crash and revert to the streams listing page.
          I am using the latest version
          Also am now clicking on links that when they load are for a completely different movie/tv series.

          Finally, when are you going to leave the favourites in alphabetical order?

  2. We have the latest version of Cinema 2.0, a vpn, and a good internet speed, but have experienced constant buffering for the past few days. We have also seen an error message with a sad face emoticon stating Sometimes server has been died because may people access at the same time, sorry for in convenient (their spelling, not mine). Any help appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Since APK updated, all it does is buffer, when I get to watch something,it starts at the end! It says start over or resume… well hitting start over doesn’t work, I have to manually rewind to the beginning! Ummm this is a huge PIA! I hope it isn’t just me having these problems? Please help! 🙂

  4. I have a great connection on other apps ( I have Google Fiber) and use a VPN and I still get buffering. Some movies not so bad, but others are horrendous.

      1. Hi.
        I have the option play with subtitles but the subtitles list never load. After select link, the app shows a moving circle.

  5. I just bought the new version 2 of the DirecTV cube and the app starts works for a 10 seconds or so the restarts . It keeps doing this over and over . What can I do to fix this?

  6. I installed your wonderful Cinema HD on my brand new Fire TV Cube (latest version). The program installed OK each time I installed it. I’ve reinstalled it a 1/2 dozen times. The app spontaneously restarts, usually within seconds after opening it. When I do anything at all regarding TV shows it restarts over and over again. If I am very quick, when I click a play button for a TV show the screen goes grey.

    For movies, I get as far as seeing the movie start. But the app again restarts on it’s own and reverts to the movie listings page.

    Here’s the funny part. I have a 5 year old Firestick and CHD works wonderful on it. What is happening? Is there a fix? Love the app. This bug is a killer. I had to download a competitor’s APK to stream.

  7. I automatically get turkish subtitles. Even if i just chose “play”. Can’t seem to get rid of them.. also if i try to chose english subtitles the app still displays turkish ones

  8. Your suggestion to use “Yes”Player” is incorrect. This player is not shown in the player option. And, yes I have downloaded yes player to my apps.

  9. I know I’m missing something easy here, but how do I turn subtitles OFF after successfully turning them on?

  10. When I m opening the app it stops working and says not responding. I have done all the things to avoid bugs clear cache even installing the latest version

  11. I am needing subtitles only for the language other than English to be displayed. I can download the subtitles for the movie (which is horrible that you have to do it every time) but it puts all conversations rather than the foreign language. Is there a fix???

  12. Using version 2.1.9 on Fire stick, I don’t have any option to Play with Subtitles
    I see a CC option at the bottom of the screen, but don’t get any subtitles when I select it

  13. I just reinstalled my Cinema HD for the 2nd time and still getting the same problems. I use Real Debrid and when I try any Real Debrid link i get the same error message “cannot make a new request because the previous response is still open:please call response.close()”.

    1. Jeri did you ever get an answer or figure this out? I am now having the same problem. Just paid for Real Debrid again so know that is not the problem. Thanks.

  14. I have Cinema HD V2(2.1.1) several weeks ago I am no longer able to connect to TV shows, series, or seasons. I have cleared the cache and clear data. What else do I need to do? Please advise with details and step by steps to follow I am not tech savvy. From reading web sites, do I need to revert back to an older version of Cinema? I tried to manually get updates incase I missed one, but I a have not been successful. I got lost on how to connect and do a manual update. Thank you

    1. I am having similar issues. I can get into a tv show but, the seasons screen is blank. I have cleared the cache, the data & uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Once reinstalled, I keep having to update over and over again to get to the newest version. (Which of course still doesn’t work.). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  15. With version 2.2.2, in the movie section, when I pull the list of subtitles it’s showing me all the subtitles for all the movies (huge list). Any fix for this?

  16. After doing the latest update to 2.2.2 i found that the subtitles.no longer worked right. It would cime up.with a list always stating with The Last Emperor and alwys presenting more than 100 titles of subs from unrelated movies and.always.the same ones no matter which movie you need subs for.
    Because I’m hard of hearing , i need them constantly.

    There was no problem with the subs to tv shows only movies. After 2 weeks it was corrected and.now today it started again the same issues the same stupid list of titles its so frustrating.

    Has anyone had this problem or have a fix for it?

    1. I have the same problem and it drives me crazy. I wish someone would fix this. It is really impeading my enjoyment of this application which I rely on heavily. Is there a fix?

  17. Trying to download your app for Android. I get a small screen titled with “choose an app to open this document” underneath in smaller case “no app can open this document”.

    If I click on it nothing happens . If I use the back key I go back to home screen . Nothing has been downloaded

  18. My issue is that it keeps saying I have insufficient disk space on my computer after I right click on Cinema and try to open it with Nox.

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